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2015- Year of Captives Free, Dreams Fulfilled

2015- Year of Captives Free, Dreams Fulfilled-for whoever touches you touches the apple of my eye- I will surely raise my hand against them so that their slaves will plunder them. Then you will know that the Lord Almighty has sent me. (Zachariah 2:8b, 9 NIV)


January 2, 2015- Here we go! Hopeful dreams have been stirred with plans made to move forward. Those not seeing this has a possibility- it’s time to escape captivity. What holds individuals in captivity? What in life holds us back? Doubt, fear, addiction, abuse, confidence, ability, health, finances are agents of captivity. When all hope seems lost, one hope stands. Jesus Christ is our true source of hope. You my friend, are the apple of God’s eyes.


Yesterday, I linked a view of life through ice skating. Those watching were on outside of rink, looking in. Many spectators watch Christians and their actions. There are those daring to take a chance. They hold a death grip to railing, taking tiny steps. Hey! They’re on the ice. Let’s give our brothers and sisters a hand. These individuals need great encouragement. Making rounds, various ones become acclimated to feel of ice. Yet, they tend to stay close to rail. Confidence builds to move beyond. Small percentage skate with freedom.


Listen, we are the apple of our Father’s eyes. We all need cheerleaders in life, no matter what stage we’re in. From ages three to adults were moving with much ease. Experience is necessary to gain skill and develop further. We do not need individuals pushing us down. Sadly, here in 2015, there will be ones to try. We live in a fallen world. As we keep our eyes on Jesus, through prayer, Word knowledge, and worship- listen carefully for next step. Keeping our eyes on Jesus, we dismiss distractions.


Let’s begin 2015, praying our brothers and sisters out of captivity. Confident God will direct our prayers. Thankful for all ministries working endless freeing individuals. I sense many in their own homes need prayer. In our fallen world, we need healthy churches to be beacons of light. Loving all drawn in by God’s light. Forward Friday! Moving forward keeping our eyes on Christ- praying captives free, dreams fulfilled.

Be encouraged!


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