Security Restored W/Peace of Mind: Fear Defeated

Security Restored W/Peace of Mind: Fear DefeatedI will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. (Psalm 23:4b NIV)


While satan wants to steal our security, Jesus died for our security. Losing sense of security, we’re open to crazy thoughts. As this blanket of fear kept dragging around with me, I did not want to stay alone. There are times when my husband needs to travel, however, he stayed close for three months following our break-in.


Sometime within three months, my strength stirred for him to go. That was until I talked to my neighbor and another break-in occurred close. Instant, I began hearing noises, wondering if they would return. Trying not to act too spazzed in front of my children, I called a game night at a local hotel. For some reason, I did not have a credit card (likely misplaced) and not sure why…I had to pay for room with cash.


Now imagine, a single mom frantic, loading her children to stay at local hotel, paying with cash. The clerk’s raised eyebrows and questioning look, thoughts occurred, “Oh my, they think I am running away from my husband. Do they think I have committed a crime?” This is crazy! I cannot help laughing at how ludicrous this became. We planned staying for two nights, until the next morning how crazy for my vehicle to be ice covered when my garage set less than five miles away. We went home. Bless one of my best friends, she and her daughter stayed with us the second night.


My husband was set to leave again. I attended Bible Study Fellowship and on this particular day, a seminar of Psalms 23 was scheduled after lecture. I felt the prodding in my heart to attend. Yet, I left pulling into the grocery, about to exit my vehicle, it was like God questioned, “Vicki, are you not going to return for this seminar?” I became obedient and returned for class.


Dear friends, no amount of will power will suffice, only way an evil spirit is broken- by the Word of God. Psalm 23 is powerful for daily life. How can we fear evil when God promises His rod and staff will comfort? He makes each one to lie down in green pastures, He leads beside quiet waters. He restores our soul. As this teaching deepened in my spirit, fear was forced to leave, security returned. I felt the blanket lift and peace of mind returned. That night as soon as fear tried to return, I repeated Psalm 23. I had to repeat several times, yet, soon peace allowed me to sleep.

Please do not keep living in fear. Psalm 23 is key to breaking fear.

Be encouraged!



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  1. DiAne Gates June 19, 2015 #

    What a powerful post, Vicki. Thank you for letting us see your vulnerability. But fear can drive us straight to frenzy and beyond. And I can imagine satan’s giggles and taunts. Been there. Done that. In those times of being alone I’ve learned to give myself over to God, reminding Him (but mostly myself and the enemy) I belong to Jesus. I am His and He is mine…and whatever He has planned for me He will help me endure. Oh I still hear things that go bump in the night, but with the help of the Spirit, the Word, and my Lord I’ve been able to keep on keeping on! You will too! In His love. <3

    • Vicki Hurley June 21, 2015 #

      DiAne, Praise God for helping us overcome! Grateful to be connected with an amazing sister in Christ with like minds. Believe I am being called to show more vulnerability, lots of life lessons learned. Thank you!

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