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Spiritual Warfare: Avoid being Devoured

Spiritual Warfare: Avoid being DevouredBe sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. (1 Peter 5:8 ESV)


After a day of traveling, my soul was feeling blah. Whatever reasons are behind blah feelings, we cannot linger succumbing to weaker states of mind. The devil is constantly prowling looking for these weaker moments to devour. The more we understand Spiritual Warfare, better we are to keep our minds sober and be watchful.

Spiritual Warfare

I was a Christian for many years before knowledge of Spiritual Warfare entered my world. When I surrendered my entire being to God, I did not realize tasks I had accepted. When we are faithful in little, God will trust us with much. The more we seek Jesus, more wisdom, knowledge, and understanding is garnered in the trust department. It was a crazy time- areas of sin were revealed to me as discernment was being developed. We would be returning from my home town, crossing the Mississippi River where I saw darkness arching over the bridge…like an entrance into darkness. For me, it did feel dark- so much darkness being revealed. Finally, one Sunday during a sermon, it clicked- what I had been experiencing was Spiritual Warfare. This linked us to Kenneth Copeland’s teachings, deepening our understanding.


There is a devil, his angelic name was Lucifer. He was a high-ranking angel called an arch-angel in Heaven, until he decided he wanted power like God. He led one-third of the angels in his deception- all kicked out of Heaven, to rule the earth. Scripture states, the devil is the ruler of the air, a spirit who is working within all those disobedient to God’s Word. This can be read in Ephesians 2.

Be Alert

What can we do? We be like the deer who panteth for the water, so our souls long after Thee. Who is our heart’s desire? If we cannot answer Jesus, please take time evaluating what it is the heart desires. Remembering…the heart can be the most deceptive. When Jesus becomes our heart’s desire, we have pure motives worshiping Jesus, Savior of the World. Maybe Spiritual warfare is not a task God has given you, yet we all need to discern between good vs. evil. Let’s make sure when the devil is prowling, our mind is alert, setting strong boundaries. He will devour, let’s make sure not us!

Be encouraged!

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