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Today, A Little Serious, A Little Fun

Today, A Little Serious, A Little Fun“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another. (John 13:33, 34 NIV)

First Hand…

In a world where wrong seems right…people need the Lord. I love this song, well written before seeing first hand how real this has become. A song holding special meaning beyond, sung at our wedding. David is here with me. David, what does this song mean to you? “This song means what it says- no matter what is happening in our lives, we still need the Lord. The day we had this song sung was a happy time, though we both knew we needed the Lord. We need the Lord in good and challenging times.”  We are nearing our 23rd anniversary, amazed how trusting God, structuring our marriage on Biblical Truth, laid the foundation for God’s trust.


Even though David would love green acres, city living is the life for me. Give and take as we look hard to be on God’s straight paths. Even when we miss…staying true to Biblical Truth never allows detours for long, even though some have been long suffering- it seemed. In the end, we trust God’s purpose will prevail. This week I’ve marveled at the fact, our oldest attends college in Texas. Super excited for baseball season to begin. Soccer training has begun. My hair dryer needed replaced. While waiting on my new one, I remembered my daughter had one from long ago, totally forgetting it was pink. David was excited thinking I could replace mine with this pink one. I was like..David, we only purchased this because it was pink! I began thinking how quality hair dryers are as important as quality breast feeding pumps- sorry if TMI. This is the way my brain works- all to prove…God is in control of every other blog I have written. He’s in control today, too.


Today, taking a little serious, with a little fun. Marriage is not easy, yet it is till death do us part. Without knowledge of God, two hearts committed to growing in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding- desiring to serve our purpose in life…where would we be today? Likely back to year five and we would have missed out on two more children and amazing years together. We have two complete different personalities, yet we love to laugh. And…we stay committed to God and each other. I’ve taken on more David’s serious tones, and he has become more fun. Eventually, I believe all couples surrounded to God’s will even out to compliment each other without differences stifling efforts.


With Valentine’s Day approaching…people needing the Lord, we need more than ever to love others as God has loved us. As we move forward, it is my heart’s desire to take this love and demonstrate it more to those in need. Jesus loves us…let’s count the ways. Amazing to consider….

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  1. Connie Lape February 11, 2017 #

    Beautiful song, and so true! Thank you!


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