Good…Loving God, Aligning w/Purpose

Good...Loving God, Aligning w/PurposeAnd we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28 ESV)


Ignorance is simply a lack of knowledge. As individuals move away from church and knowledge of Jesus, more ignorant one becomes. As these numbers multiply…so does ignorance in our cultures. They can be the most decorated scholar and still be ignorant in Biblical truth. Eternity is not based on IQ tests, certificates hanging on the wall or the sharpest restored vehicle, worth millions. With the underlying government financing riots and creating ways to disrupt- all derived from impure motivations. These individuals are not out for good of this country- even though their message makes the less fortunate believe they are for their good. They simply are out for their own good.

Good vs. Evil

As the world looks to their leaders, legit or underlying, there is a greater presence at work…the spirit of evil vs. good. There is a law at work of reaping what one sows. What we sow into, will be what we reap. This is a good time to reflect over past actions. Actions can only be produced if calculated in our minds pushed by our hearts. This is why it’s vital to keep hearts pure before the Lord, minds alert- taking captive any contrary thought. The only way we know the difference is to study God’s Word. If we’ve spent money on education, we’ve made the decision to pursue a specific knowledge. The same is true with scripture and it’s free! (except surrender of self-will)


If I tell you, this book, The Bible, has the power to break strongholds, to change old patterns and make new…it’s true. When studied, character is developed. For example, every carless word we speak will be judged, meaning no more gossiping, no more hurtful words. We make conscious decisions to align with God’s guidance, a way of living God pleasing lives for our Lord, Jesus Christ. These are not just rules, they are guidelines for holy living, which God says, “Be holy, because I am holy.” If we seek holiness, there’s no time to feed into satan working through us, unbeknown unless we are alert to his schemes.

Avoid being ignorant of Spiritual Truth…God is at work, working for our good, according to His purpose.

Be encouraged!

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  1. Julie June 21, 2017 #

    Love this! Thank you! Holy because He is Holy. I will work on this today.

    • Vicki Hurley June 22, 2017 #

      Thank you, Julie! I’ll do same, something we can never take for granted.

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