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Call…Who? Jesus, He will Answer You…

Call...Who? Jesus, He will Answer You...Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known. (Jeremiah 33:3 ESV)

Motivating Monday! 

Feeling motivated as I write, I must share the song surging God’s love and empowering me to want more- more out of this life. In order for more, we have to become centered for balance. Today’s photo is a prayer bench made by my middle child for an extension of the church we attend. Looks like a perfect place to find time with Jesus. I’m loving travel with our son’s baseball team, however does take a good amount of schedule flexibility. If parenting/grand-parenting/volunteering, when activity increases, hectic schedules disturb equilibrium and if not careful, chaos could erupt.


Yes, call on Jesus and He will give us rest. He is our refuge in time of need, our shield and rear guard. When calling to Jesus- we listen for God to tell about great and hidden things we do no know. As exciting as it when my child hits well or makes a great play…nothing compares to time sitting, praying, and waiting for Jesus’ response. In this dialogue of great and hidden things…we learn. Knowledge is life…people will perish for lack of knowledge.

He is Faithful

We need Jesus, because, any time out in this world- there are dishonest, unkind people. If having to interact, and we do, conflict rises inside our hearts. We know we need to pray, be kind, but…we must make conscious decision to call on Jesus. Scripture will surface, begin quoting (reason we need to study and know scripture) and as this happens, peace begins to rule and confidence builds. Jesus will see all things will work out for our good, according to God’s Will. No matter how dishonest- or unkind, trust God’s Word to be true. He is faithful!

Great and Hidden Things

Let’s be motivated to call on the name, Jesus. Even if…first time. A celebration will happen in Heaven- I’m excited for all taking time to call on Jesus, He will answer. We have to be still, and listen. Be careful, we can become so excited God’s flow will end. Every time I start writing the first chapter to destined book- I literally become so overwhelmed and excited with the first paragraph, I fail to continue on something so great. This is God- He tells us great and hidden things that are not known- and when we are called to write and encourage others…we have to tell. When it’s personal, keep to self. Very exciting! Please take time to listen to this song…and take time with Jesus. It’s very exciting to think about what He waiting to tell!

Be encouraged!

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  1. Connie Lape June 25, 2018 #

    Beautiful song. One of my favorites! Pastor Ron’s sermon was very good and can be observed on line later this week.

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