Vicki Hurley

Reality has hit, we see freedom threatened and our past foundation crumbling. Light targets an enemy frantically searching for who he can devour. Jesus is our only hope. We need Christians matured, churches strengthened, and God’s mercy for America. Are we too late?  A 2009 Barna Group statistic found an alarming 45% of Christians do not believe the Bible as accurate. This cuts deep into my soul. Where have we failed 45% of people within our churches? Does this stump non-believers? Is there a direct correlation between America’s problems and this 45%? These are hard questions I want answered.

Time spent in my spiritual desert…hot fire scorched. Eleven years were consumed. Why? Frustrated and rebellious in my God directed environment. I could not wrap my mind around what God was doing, now hindsight is 20/20. God cannot promote us to higher callings if we continue resembling the world. He needs us matured. This process is not always pretty, it is always meaningful to reach our destiny.

Beginning to understand spiritual maturity, I deepened my word knowledge. One source I treasured- participating in Bible Study Fellowship. (I encourage everyone to consider this wonderful international bible study.) As we mature and gain word knowledge, we begin to understand deeper concepts. Such as: spiritual warfare, fulfillment of the Holy Spirit, miracles, signs, and wonder. An unexpected event challenged our core beliefs. I assure you modern day miracles do exist.

Raised in Western Kentucky tucked away in rural America, God developed a voice for today. I am truly amazed and humbled at the same time. With Bachelor Degrees in Psychology, Recreation and Elementary Education, I was unsure how all would work together. A struggle for many individuals. As I re-aligned my desires with God’s purpose, clarity came.

My husband and I have been married 25 years with three beautiful children. We can hardly believe our oldest is a senior at Texas A&M, member of Sq 16- Executive Officer. He is contracted with the USAF. Our middle child, is now deciding on his college. We stay involved with each of their sports and activities. We follow: baseball, soccer, golf and new to the list…tennis. Go STL Cardinals!!!


Blogs arrive to subscribers MWF by 6am. My intent for writing is to help deepen word knowledge and inspire all individuals to seek the Lord and find He is faithful. This blog and book I intend to publish are God’s tools to strengthen His church, free individuals from deception. Please join me in this effort and subscribe to my blog. We can do this! Be encouraged!

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