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Jesus Never Changes, We Do

Jesus does not change, weJesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today and forever. (Hebrews 13:8, NIV)

Jesus never changes

The same, constant, steadfast, never changing, our God.  His Word is true, never changing. Revelation 23 informs anyone adding to the Bible, plagues described in this book will be added to their lives. Those who take away words, God will take away their share of the tree of life and in the  holy city. To believe or not to believe? Considering plagues and eternal life, I encourage you to believe. Jesus is perfect, never needing to change. We on the other hand are imperfect, striving for perfection. Can perfection be reached? No, we can reach holiness. Jesus says to be holy because I am holy. This is all part of our spiritual journey. Where are you on this path?

We do

I no longer feel I am in an unknown territory. A phrase defining my last season. I came home from my first writer’s conference exhilarated. I was on a “spiritual high’ for months. I was in awe hearing the quiet whisper, Vicki, you are ready. I experienced His patient attribute while I held a flash light testing new ground. I had the most wonderful website management team holding my hand. By the end of the year Releasing Truth Ministry was birthed. Ironically, knowing some kind of ministry labored for years, the name came 6 months before being delivered.

Time to imagine 

I now have experienced my second conference. Dr. Alton Gansky discussed accepting life’s twist. Indeed, I thought quickly. There were times the shed snake skin looked comforting to crawl back into, as Steven James warned not to let happen. Then I am grateful for incredible encouragement from editor, Kim Bangs and a few others. I marvel at the minds of these writers. Their imaginations and knowledge of the writing process are impressive. I try to imagine how I can hold one more thought into my mind. The creativity is here, now for the imagination. I know, it is time for me to take this serious. Goodbye overwhelming feeling. I have lots to learn.

Be determined

We can be discouraged when asked to learn something new, or, become determined. God does not change, we do. We have to embrace the new when it comes and be determined to follow it through. God does not only take us through a process of spiritual maturing. We are set on a path to mature in whatever area God has called us into. With God all things are possible. If He has called you, He is going to equip you. It’s Motivating Monday!

Be encouraged!

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