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Doubt Removed: God’s Vision Fulfilled

Doubt Removed To Fulfill Purpose“I have revealed and saved and proclaimed- I, and not some foreign god among you. You are my witnesses,” declares the Lord, “that I am God. Yes, and from ancient days I am He. No one can deliver out of my hand. When I act, who can reverse it?” (Isaiah 43:11-13 NIV)

Powerful-remove doubt

Powerful. This week we looked how good works were prepared in advance for us to complete and God’s example of wineskins for us to change in preparation for our purpose. Many times throughout our walk with Christ, satan will attempt to place doubt in our minds. We doubt: gifts, talents, and paths we are to take. Doubt is a dangerous force against our minds. Before we were born, God already had good works planned for us. He equips those He calls.

Specific purpose

We are all called to a specific purpose. Consider where you are today. Have you felt God’s directional pull to lead and guide you down a certain path? You could be one who rejects Jesus all together. I left my car in the shop earlier this week. One of the service directors looked for someone in their department to take me home. When she could not find anyone, she went to the sales team. A salesman walked into a divine appointment. On the way to the car, I proclaimed, “Let’s declare you will sale a car today for taking me home.” He smiled and replied, “Karma does work that way sometimes.” I clarified, “My Jesus works that way, I am not sure about Karma.” Karma originates from ancient India representing a cycle of cause and effect. Karma is an example of a foreign god among us. We have to be extremely careful not to fall into satan’s scheme to promote false gods in our society.

Who can reverse it?

When we experience salvation, satan will immediately place doubt. Family members and friends can place doubt. What God has set before us, what He has deposited into your heart and mind, no one can deliver out of His hand. No one! As we mature in Christ, we grow in our relationship with Jesus. Follow His commands, Jesus calls us friend. When He whispers the purpose we are to fulfill, we must understand there is no room for doubt. Be on guard for naysayers. When God acts, no one can reverse what He has set in place. This is a promise I encourage myself with often. When in God’s perfect will, we will experience God’s perfect peace. No foreign or false god can ever compare to our true God. It’s Forward Friday! Let’s move forward without doubt and trust God’s vision set in place, no one can reverse it.

Be encouraged!

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