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Narrow Gates “NOT” Narrow Minded to Consider

Narrow Gates "NOT" Narrow Minded to Consider“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow is the road that leads to life, and only a few find it. (Matthew 7:13, NIV)

Broad Vs. Narrow

Are you part of many who will enter through the broader gate to destruction or part of the few to enter the narrow gate to life? Non conservatives love to say how religious people are narrow minded. Ok. Truth is religious people are narrow minded. However, let’s clear the confusion. I define religious individuals as modern day Pharisees. They miss the opportunity to develop a relationship with Jesus. Only through a relationship with Jesus, we develop maturity to love like Jesus loves.

Societal confusion

There is societal confusion across the world. Confusion turns us around and lost in a hurry. Biblical foundations in young adults are questioned. The ruler of this world has gained strength by doubt placed in minds. When a person’s Biblical foundation is infused with alternative beliefs, doubt enters. Depending how strong a person’s foundation, will depend the strength to withstand doubt. As a world view broadens the path to destruction, the road to life will narrow.


Grace embraces our journey on this narrow path. Do we have narrow minds? No, we have focused minds. A focused mind zeros in on truth and eliminates distractions. Our minds are focused on our relationship with Jesus. We are serious to learn more about Jesus and His Word.  A tragic problem occurs when many claim to be a christian, yet their actions line up with world views. This confuses those in search for freedom. They recognize their need for a Savior. Biblical truth sets people free. A compromised world view proclaims…Sin is acceptable. This is a lie straight from hell. We are to turn our brothers and sisters away from sin to save them from death, not encourage them down the broader path.

Forward Friday!

It’s Forward Friday! The world asks tough questions, we give tough answers. Narrow minded is confused for a focused mind whose journey is to go through the narrow gate, where only a few will find. Isn’t it amazing, every individual around the world is invited to go down this narrow path. Sad, many will opt for the broader path to destruction. There are times when the narrow path is hard. We have to set healthy boundaries around us, not get involved with things like we once did. God enables us to arise above all the distractions and come to a perfect place of surrender, called God’s will. Then a new level of learning and fun will begin. Let’s move forward this weekend with eyes wide open, hearts softened to understand the gates to eternity.

Be encouraged!

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