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Faith To Believe and Accomplish God’s Assignments

Faith To Believe and Accomplish God's AssignmentsBlessed is she (Mary) who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished. (Luke 2:45)


A thought comes, joy leaps within. Our next thought…there is no way I can do that. How many times have we talked ourselves out of an assignment brought by the Holy Spirit? One of the Holy Spirit’s attributes is counselor. The Holy Spirit communicates with God and Jesus, then attempts to help us. Like a high school guidance counselor helps students prepare for their future. Every day we face choices. Every time we ignore the Holy Spirit, we regret our failure to listen. Some have ignored the Holy Spirit so long, His nudge is no longer felt in all of mind and heart’s clutter.


Scripture shares Mary was greatly troubled at first. The angel encouraged her not to be afraid. Being afraid/having fear is an emotion that blocks faith. It’s a mountain blocking our path. All it takes is a mustard seed sized faith to move a mountain. You did not have to grow up in church. You do not have to attend a Bible study. Now, both is for our benefit to do so, yet the tiniest measure of faith can move any problem out of your life. That is…if you want to change.

Moving forward

Mary did not allow being afraid to block her. She moved forward with a question. She wanted to know the how. How will this be? See, when we are given a thought or idea, we can further engage in dialogue during prayer for our next step. God equips those He calls. He allowed the angel, Gabriel, to help explain details to Mary. He will be faithful to help us as well. Only God could make me believe I would communicate with individuals around the world by way of this blog. I stand in awe and amazed daily.


Mary’s calling:

  1. You will be with child.
  2. You will give birth to a son.
  3. His name will be Jesus.
  4. He will be great.
  5. He will be called the Son of the Most High.
  6. The Lord God will give him the throne of his father, David.
  7. He will reign over the house of Jacob forever:
  8. His kingdom will never end. (Luke 2:31-33)


What does God want you to accomplish? Keep in check that fear does not block faith in your life. I am so excited with the Shepherd’s Christmas experience. Then the magnitude of Mary’s calling, to how God is looking for those He can trust to follow through with what He has called each one to do. This is Forward Friday! Let’s be in prayer to gain direction that will cause us to have a Christmas of a lifetime. I believe! Are you ready? I am!

Be encouraged!


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