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Little Faith: More Awaits As Faith Builds

Little Faith: More Awaits As Faith BuildsImmediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?” (Matthew 14:31 NIV)

Motivating Monday!

Motivating Monday! Do you doubt, pout, or shake it all about? Faith is a key element in our spiritual walk. Sometimes we’ll put right foot in yet, dismiss left foot from the game. Life seems like a game. Some play it safe while others gamble it away. Chances are given and choices are made. On a scale of one to ten, ten the greatest- where do you rate your level of faith? No faith, little faith, or greater faith?

Little faith?

Can you picture Jesus reaching for us, asking why we doubt? When I was old enough to stay alone in my childhood home, I was 15. Both my parents worked an overnight shift much of my childhood. This is likely the reason I thrive with productivity late at night. I would stay awake avoiding fear. Living in the country, various noises could be heard. God turned this time into teaching me about faith. Nightly, I would be reminded of God’s presence. He would ask me, “You of little faith?” I would reply, “Oh me of little faith.” This would direct my thoughts to God’s ability to protect me.


As an adult, I reflect back to those days and see beginning faith established in me. Once we set this foundation, experiences are set in motion. We build our faith on experiences like building blocks. More our faith grows, more we believe. More we believe, more our faith grows. It’s like taking mustard seed sized faith and watching it grow to the tallest plant of all. When God sees us faithful, His smile widens. Yes, He smiles with delight.

More awaits

In this particular scripture, Peter goes from a miracle- walking on water, to being rescued. It’s a picture of us every time. However, if we stay diligent on our God given path, willing to prune allowing seeds of faith to grow- we reach a level of spiritual maturity. Once this happens, God trusts us with more. If we prove we can handle more, more is given to us. You may ask, “What is more?” More knowledge, more wisdom, more revelation into our destiny- all to equip us further for God’s perfect will. Peter ended up with such profound faith, he led 3,000-/+ individuals to Christ on the day of Pentecost. Here I get to communicate and encourage each of you. I stand in awe! What ‘more’ awaits you? We serve a mighty wonderful God.

Be encouraged!


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