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Enemies Waste Mind’s Capacity Stalling Destiny

Destiny/Enemies: Where Is Our Focus?From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise because of your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger. (Psalm 8:2 NIV)


Forward Friday! Reason for Friday blog- reasons to move forward! Today’s blog will look at opposite ends of spectrum. King David, a man after God’s own heart, delivered heart experiences throughout Psalms. Once we experience certain situations, we gain wisdom to share. Ready to see foes and avengers silenced, considering our destiny?


If anyone knew how to deal with enemies, it was David. King Saul chastised David to the point of losing his own anointing. Evil and good cannot share same heart. We align with God’s Word overcoming enemies or evil invades hearts further preventing destiny released.


God tells vengeance is His- it is nothing to waste our mental space. One wants to show kindness, the other will turn their back. This problem is not ours. Someone says something bad about us- yet, what do we know is true. Truth is lined with God’s Word. How does God see us? Incredibly important to learn scripture. Truth sets us free.


Free to follow our God- given dreams! Why waste time in the muck? Forgiveness is a powerful tool to move forward and let God deal with others. We’ve been discussing dreams. Thoughts are not pressed into our hearts and minds with intention to stall. However, we cannot moved forward stuck in muck. Keep eyes on Jesus, trust His Word, and trust His plans for you.


Shucks, as much as I wish I could sing, not my gift. One musician came to mind during prayer. Worshiping God with How Great Thou Art- furthered thoughts on Carrie Underwood. Her celebration winning American Idol ten years ago- personifies Heaven’s celebration seeing destiny released. God knew 10 years ago, she would remain faithful on her given platform. She is bold in faith- songs like, Jesus Take the Wheel, Inside of Heaven, Something in the Water. God knew she was trustworthy.

Be encouraged! Let today’s blog and this video ignite a new fire. Determined to align with God’s plan and see our own destiny released!



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