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Quiet Time, Whirlwinds, and Tenderness

Quiet Time, Whirlwinds, and TendernessMy heart is not proud, O Lord, my eyes are not haughty; I do not concern myself with great matters or things too wonderful for me. But I have stilled and quieted my soul… (Psalm 131:1,2a NIV)

Quiet Time

Be still and know that I am God- is quoted often by memory. How about…but I have stilled and quieted my soul. Beautiful words expressing quiet time with Christ. During my quiet time, sentimental came to mind. Jesus desires tenderness interacting with all His children.


In God’s sovereignty, love reaches to all generations. He’s firm with a direct path towards holiness. His desires are best for each one. Anything opposite is satan’s counterfeit. Satan knows truth and will twist enough truth into lies to deceive. With deception spreading, quiet time with Christ is more important than ever.


First, remove pride from hearts and haughtiness from eyes. Heaviness weighing us down with concerns of larger picture in America down to small photos of community happenings are released as we place our trust in Christ. Matters too wonderful are calmed as we enter quiet time. If minds are racing, we ramble right through quiet time, forgetting to quiet our soul.


A precious time with Christ, becoming still and quieting our soul. More time we spend getting to know The Trinity- God, Son, and Holy Spirit, greater ability to trust. As trust develops, faith increases. As faith builds, we begin believing and understanding deeper principles. All because we slowed this whirlwind, swirling our minds, becoming still and quieting our soul.


A challenge is set. If you do not have a set quiet time, I encourage you to set one. During this time, let’s focus on quieting our soul as whirlwinds are silenced, in order to feel God’s tenderness. I promise- as we seek, we will find God’s tenderness wrapping around us like a warm hug.

Be encouraged!

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