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Lifestyles: Choices Available To Make Decision

Lifestyles: Choices Available To Make DecisionThen Jesus said to his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. (Matthew 16:24 NIV)


Forward Friday! Celebrate! We are either Jew or Gentile. Salvation is available to each one. Sometimes something so spectacular is overlooked. If this is a new concept- it will take a mind shift to understand. Lifestyles are made up of choices. Christian lifestyles are no different. Every denomination has their own set of man made rules added to God’s Word, spoken or unspoken. Truth is…Jesus says to deny ourselves and take up our cross to follow Christ.


Remember buying or renting your home? First glimpse from outside led to first steps inside. Further exploring each room expanded perspective. Same happens as relationships build with Jesus. No longer is this life about us- it becomes who we are in Christ. Denying choices made with world mindset and creating new lifestyles. Lifestyles to reflect how we have been made new in Christ. Through asking forgiveness of our sins- we’ve been cleansed whiter than snow.


Once we’re through initial salvation experience, we take action. Mentally removing old habits by taking captive thoughts contrary to God’s Word. Denying self- will, reaching out to pick up our own cross. Do you feel it’s heaviness? Reaching to carry cross- is where disconnect comes for so many. Pressures of this world overwhelm when picking up our cross defines leaving world desires behind. When many decide it’s too much, they are only steps from true freedom.

Moving Forward!

Moving forward, revisiting each one’s cross carried. Jesus’s cross led to fulfilling His ultimate purpose in life. Our cross leads to fulfilling our purpose. Connecting to God’s power to fulfill our purpose. It’s never meant to be done by our strength. God’s strength empowers with every step, faith builds exerting power to carry our cross. When no longer weighed down by things in this world, we find our cross light. True freedom.

Be encouraged!


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