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Search: Seeking Direction, Determining Purpose

Search: Seeking Direction, Determining PurposeSearch me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts. And see if there be any grievous way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting! (Psalm 139:23,24 ESV)


We spend a good deal of time searching. Could it be keys? Cell phones? Shoes? Meaning to life? Paths once made sense, no longer hold purpose. Yet, is life meant to be without purpose? No. Not only do we have a purpose in life, God has planned this before we were conceived. How do we know? We begin searching God, by seeking Jesus.


We’re very brave asking God to search our hearts. Even more to include thoughts. Don’t stop reading now, lets see how this blog develops. I’ve always been amazed when individuals are more cautious around the ‘known’ christian. What’s worse are christians who act same way towards more mature christians. Not wanting to be outed for what must be perceived as wrong to them, yet proceed if feeling safe no one is watching.


Just because David is asking God to search his heart, does not mean God had to have permission. We become a little too arrogant thinking we’re in control of our lives. We’ve all been here. Sometimes, we go back for visits. Not a good idea. Being proud and arrogant, will not move us too far beyond our current station in life.


Asking God to search our heart, trying our thoughts is clearly to see if anything has seeped in greiving The Holy Spirit. Many were raised in church and many have left the church. I want to know- who blocks others from going to church? One of my very wise friends shared with me one day, softening not only my heart, opening my mind. We do not go to church for who is there, we go to a church where we can connect with the pastor’s heart. This allowed me to be obedient to God’s direction where to go.


Can you imagine keeping our eyes on Jesus, being held accountable by the Holy Spirit. That’s right- The Holy Sprit was sent to help. If we will soften our hearts, we’ll be able to understand. By understanding, ears will open to hear and scales removed to see, thirsting and hungering after righteousness. Is this easy- no. Is it worth every step? Yes! It’s Forward Friday! We want to move forward knowing our purpose and be led everlasting. A win- win!

Be encouraged!




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