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Fast and Pray: Weapons For Spiritual Battles

Fast and Pray: Weapons For Spiritual BattlesThe Lord will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail. (Isaiah 58:11 NIV)


A sun-scorched land with frames weak vs. having needs met during times of battles and our frame strengthened. Areas of our world have dealt with drought. Rivers reaching crest, matching or breaking historic highs. Floods causing death and homes threatened. A earthquake knocked on Oklahomans this past week as tornadoes lingered causing death and destroying homes in Texas. Dear friends, many will spend 21 days fasting and praying in January, let’s keep these areas in prayer.


Prayer and fasting are weapons for every spiritual battle. Prayer, a powerful source connecting with Jesus. Fasting, an act of obedience, giving us strength . First time I attempted, I failed. I did not tap into God’s strength. We tap into when taking time in quiet spaces to praise Christ through music, seek Him with all our hearts through scripture reading, and calm to listen. Sometimes we’ll hear God’s quiet whisper, direction from The Holy Spirit, and/or peace overcoming stress filled days. This is spiritual food for our souls, strengthening souls to control flesh.


A fast is most effective denying self food and all other drink, except water. I trust the Daniel’s fast- eating fruits and vegetables only- no choice foods. The duration is between you and how God leads. My first successful fast was a seven day- morning only fast, ending at 11am. This does not sound like much- however, meant giving up my doughnut and Mt. Dew. Taking time to pray is key to overcome desire to eat. I believe during this fast- new direction was taken in our son’s speech and healing was assured. God is faithful. Today, this child stands out with verbal gifts in speaking and singing.


As we succeed, challenge increases next time. It can be a fast till 3pm. One for 24 hours, three days, seven days and 21 days. I think how blessed Jesus saw the lady giving out of her lack. I believe He sees each one of us same way as we fast, making a sincere effort. I know from experience- when flesh screams it’s cravings, go straight into prayer, reading, worshiping. It’s amazing how this time refuels our mind and energy. Isaiah 58 is a must read before planning any fast.


To be like a well-watered garden, a spring whose waters never fail in a sun-scorched land can describe you and me…if…we dedicate ourselves to fast and pray. Please pray and trust God’s leading concerning fasting- He will be there to walk through this with you. Such a sweet time in the Lord. Let’s use these weapons to win Spiritual battles. Much love to each one!

Be encouraged!


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