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Race To Win: Building Spiritual Muscle

Race To Win: Building Spiritual MuscleDo you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it. (1 Corinthians 9:24 ESV)


No truer words than to say- I doubt you’ll ever see me running in a race. Not in the physical sense, spiritually fulfilling God’s purpose is my kind of race. What happens during a spiritual race? We build spiritual muscles more for cross country training, taking on longer distance. We do want to win this race.


Losing is not an option for many. Yet, we see more people crossing lines of morales and law to suffice their craving of whatever edge they’re after. Families are dealt hard blow as these matters go beyond one person. Faulty training surfaces in such circumstances.


The best coach is available. Every person willing to step into life’s spiritual race, receives the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit takes residence in our inner beings as Jesus’s becomes our Savior. Saving us from the bottomless pit of hell, from life’s destructive route.


The Holy Spirit slips in thoughts leading us on straight path. He will never lead us astray. The Holy Spirit, Spirit of Truth, is always in alignment with Jesus and God. They desire to draw us closer to holiness, never into the enemy’s grip.


Kicking off start line- accepting Jesus as the Son of Christ, died and rose again the third day. He wants each one to receive the prize of a well ran race. Every day is an opportunity to train. From first thoughts in the morning to actions throughout the day- we choose right vs. wrong, according to Biblical teachings. Dismissing Biblical Truth diverts one right into the enemy’s path.

Personal Plan

Creating a personal work-out plan to build Spiritual muscles include: worship, prayer, reading/studying scripture, and finding a Bible based church. We need healthy church leaders and congregations. A place where visitors feel welcomed, desiring to return.


This is all part of running our race. Keep going strong- keep moving forward. If on destructive route- we pray release from satan’s grip, hungering and thirsting after Biblical Truth. It is this truth that will set us free- winning the prize.

Be encouraged!

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