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Seasons Come and G0/God’s Word Same

Seasons Come and G0/God's Word SameThere is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under Heaven.  (Ecclesiastes 3:1 NIV)


I’ve used the word surreal many times this past week, describing my feelings toward two graduations in our family. Deciding to make sure definition lines up with what I thought, bizarre is not accurate. Two masses in one day yesterday and one graduation a success. If ever a time to feel seasons changing in our family, time is now.


My oldest moves to Texas this fall to attend Texas A&M- Galveston. My second child begins high school, leaving my daughter to be at her school all by herself. For seven years she’s had at least one brother at same school. Maybe I am a little freakish, then this would lead me defining another word. It’s like I’m in this spinning cylinder trying to figure out how to stand firm.


Life spins us a doozy sometimes. Where graduations are happy times, feeling time escape is another. Dreamlike comes close…pinch me, make sure I’m awake. Being awake in midst of societal confusion is key to identifying deception.


I would guess most individuals dismiss any notion of being deceived. Confusion spins into 1/2 truths. More confused a person becomes, easier to deceive into believing lies. Which brings us to the Father of lies, satan. While seasons change, satan attempts to attack in the shift. The shift is right before adjustments are made and working towards stabilizing our foundation. When we think the cylinder is stopping, the enemy works in dizziness. Any reason for someone to be to weak, satan is constantly luring who he can devour.


Peter did not think he could deny Christ. However, he heard the rooster crow third time. Seasons were shifting. He repented right away and did not allow an enemy attack. Same…in prayer, let’s begin to ask God, exactly how best to handle seasons changing. He knows! If we seek, we will find.

Be encouraged!

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