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Word: There’s No Other Name…Jesus

Word: There's No Other Name...JesusJesus is “the stone you builders rejected, which has become the cornerstone. Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.” (Acts 4:11,12 NIV) 

Motivating Monday! A good time to have a little fun and possibly change direction today. I’ve asked my husband, David, to pray and ask me questions to answer. Here we go…

DH: Why do the people not use The Word of God more to their advantage?

VH: This could be topic of an entire book I am suppose to write. David and I are passionate about this because we have applied God’s Word to our entire married lives, seeing a continuous pattern of trusting God- God’s faithfulness. Here’s my answer: For majority of Americans- belief in Jesus Christ as The Messiah, born a virgin birth, died on a cross, rose again three days later- has to take place first. They simply do not believe. For Christians, it takes willingness to want to learn. For most part today- many are wrapped in the world, unwilling to surrender self-will to God’s will. This happens because conviction sermons are limited. When churches dilute truth, people stay happy, yet, leads people astray.

VH: Anything you want to add?

DH: It goes back further- Most people do not know God’s Word, to know the power in God’s Word.

VH: David is correct. Division happens within churches due to one side rejecting God’s Word, accepting sin as love. This is an extreme difference between God’s Power and satan’s lies. God’s Word helps build strong relationships with Jesus. Satan’s lies counterfeit truth- yet, people believe these lies every day, digging deeper pits.

DH: Acts 4 points to power of God’s Word working in Peter and John’s life. They were both ordinary, unschooled men who walked with Christ, gaining power. The pharisees felt superior in religious knowledge, sending these two men to jail overnight.

VH:We still have modern day-pharisees. The same scenario Peter and John dealt with happens today. Some so severe around the world, beginning to take place in America.

Dear friends, we have lots to pray for daily. Jesus is the only way to enter heaven. Interesting we have been warned- narrow is the gate to heaven, wide is the path to destruction. It’s not too late…change paths and go through narrow gate.

Be encouraged!


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