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Redeemer…Teaching Best/Directing Ways

Redeemer...Teaching Best/Directing WaysThis is what the Lord says- your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: “I am the Lord your God, who teaches you what is best for you, and directs you in the way you should go. If only you had paid attention to my commands…(Isaiah 48:17,18a NIV)


Motivating Monday! Our motivation today, will motivate us for life. Every single day this scripture stands true, no matter how crazy societal confusion becomes. Confusion stiffens clarity in decision making and directions we take in life.


The Lord, your Redeemer…to redeem means to compensate for the fault or bad aspects of something or to gain/regain possession of something in exchange for payment. Here is the best deal- better than any black Friday or Cyber Monday deals…Jesus has already paid for this exchange. Any faults or bad happenings are redeemable under God’s salvation plan. Forgiveness is a key in this truth. Forgiving ourselves is as hard sometimes as forgiving others. Guilt is a heaviness brought on by satan. Ask God for forgiveness, forgiving others.


God teaches what is best for us- through studying scripture. Days of going to church Sunday morning, night and Wednesday nights are long gone for many churches. Sermons are timed to 28 min in many situations. A person would starve if this is all the physical food they consumed in a week. Why starve our spiritual souls? Any consumption other than Jesus Christ feeding our souls is counterfeit. There are many false teachings swirling in the winds of deception right now…be careful.


We need help daily, seeking God’s direction. There are times major decisions need to be made- what car to buy, town to live in, homes, college choice, professional jobs, church, Bible studies…God wants to help in every best detail and directions that align with His purpose for our lives. I know…I’ve been there, thinking God must not know what is best. It was during these times confusion blurred decision making and life took detours. However, this brings us back to our Redeemer.


It’s wonderful we can be reassured God only wants what is best for us. If only…we pay attention to God’s commands. I’ve taken many detours to reach this point in life- only wanting precise directions for fastest way. My self-absorbed planning would have been half (a generous assumption) what God had planned. Same for you my friends. Give God a chance- following His commands leads to peace like a river, righteousness like waves of the sea and more blessings continue.  Lord, soften hearts to understand.

Be encouraged!




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