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Labels: Time Sensitive Information

Labels: Time Sensitive Information“In those days, at that time,” declares the Lord, “the people of Israel and the people of Judah together will go in tears to seek the Lord their God. They will ask the way to Zion and turn their faces toward it. They will come and bind themselves to the Lord in an everlasting covenant that will not be forgotten. (Jeremiah 50:4,5 NIV)

It’s Monday!

Motivating Monday! If any time was spent on social media this past weekend, we may experience whiplash today. I felt I was in a ping pong match- statements back and forth, deception- truth, deception- truth, deception- truth. Momma Mia! When it comes down to a rebellious nation, as we have been last 10 years, awareness of a new sheriff in town has hit, I mean President. It will be messy before made better. Just like that closet we’ve been avoiding…always messier when cleaning, before seeing it nice and organized. Oh! And what about these labels attached- dissecting Christians?


Interesting attempts have been made to remove the Old Testament from our Bibles, when understanding full text is most needed. While attending BlueRidge Mountains Christian Writer’s Conference a few years ago, I prayed for God’s direction where to sit for the banquet. I took this seat and began talking to gentleman next to me. Shocked to hear his writing goals- to remove the Old Testament, finding it irrelevant. I quickly moved with friends to another table. Thankfully, I did find words to caution him not to add or subtract from God’s Word. Studying historical facts develop understanding for insight into today’s circumstances.


In prayer, I asked Jesus to direct me to a turbulent time in scripture, led to Jeremiah 50. Israel and Judah both captured, seeking the Lord, their God. Will our nation begin seeking God, repenting? Will screams of rebellion calm? When the world touts tolerance and wants their voices heard; they become most angered- intolerant individuals when facing a two-way street. God created the Heavens and Earth, all Word is God-breathed. The Bible is our guide to Christian living. Anyone asking Jesus into their heart, believing He died and rose three days later, and confesses Jesus as Lord will be saved. Therefore, we are all one in Christ. This is mentioned to remove labels off Christianity. If you consider yourself a liberal Christian- study God’s Word, in doing so…the liberal label will fade away. We evangelical Christians- study God’s Words- the label evangelical will ease off. Removing labels, following God’s commands…Jesus wraps us in holiness, calling us friend.

Be Motivated!

As the Israelites and Judah endured captivity, they came to the end of themselves, seeking Zion, binding themselves to the Lord in an everlasting covenant. And most of all…when we reach the end of ourselves, seeking, binding a covenant with Jesus, this will never be forgotten. Let’s be motivated to keep seeking…best thing we can ever do, removing labels and seek truth.

Be encouraged!

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