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Independence Day! Freedom and Patriotism Celebrated

Independence Day! Freedom and Patriotism CelebratedHow much more, then, will the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself unblemished to God, cleanse our consciences from acts that lead to death, so that we may serve the living God! (Hebrews 9:14 NIV)

Happy Independence Day!

Motivating Monday! Happy Independence Day to you! Hard to believe we are into July and the 4th will be tomorrow. What’s hard to fathom, our recent President of the United States spoke in Indonesia, warns Americans against too much patriotism. There is something seriously wrong with this headline. Do not be deceived, there is a key group trying to weaken and bring Americans into bondage. We celebrate the 4th for great reasons. As we see beautiful redemption stories through surrendering self- ideologies to Jesus Christ, cleaning consciences from acts that lead to death.

Are We Capable?

Are we capable of presenting ourselves unblemished, working towards fulfilling our own God- given purposes? Satan grips many into sin, blurring visions to Biblical facts. As key leaders entice uniformed individuals, playing on their emotions, a movement aligns with others angry with God’s Word, denouncing Jesus and Biblical Truth. The travesty in this movement, they believe lies and choose to walk away from Biblical teachings. If we are not living for Jesus, by default, satan leads individuals deeper into bondage losing independence.


Americans can look to other countries like Venezuela,  Zimbabwe, and even states in our country like IL- who is about to go bankrupt. Individuals have been deceived, tricked into believing more rights are gained. Reality is rights have been lost, losing independence- dependent on government gained. Their goal is to control, gaining momentum to denounce freedom we have in Christ.


Our Founding Fathers, signing the Declaration of Independence, worked to overcome a failed first attempt in governing. From this point on America evolved into success stories today. The unsuccessful has a way to turn around situations, if willing to trust in Jesus Christ. I mean…really trust in Jesus Christ. Whatever has been the reason for lack of success- and we know success can be measured many ways, God takes all reasons, redeeming each one for greater purposes. The very purpose to take lessons we’ve learned and overcome, to help others cross this same bridge. What God does for one, He’ll do for another. When He can trust us with little, He begins to trust us with more. There is pure freedom in gaining Jesus’ trust. God’s greater purpose is always at work, freedom allows us to be part of the larger picture in life.

Happy Independence Day!

Be encouraged!




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