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Sustain: Cast Your Cares, No Circumstance Too Dire

Sustain: Cast Your Cares, No Circumstance Too DireCast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved. (Psalm 55:22 ESV)


Forward Friday! How easy to place burdens on a hook and cast out and away to the Lord. This concept sounds easy, yet with most of us…concepts sound easy until time to make happen. I’m guilty- with my can do anything attitude, David often sheds reality. When it comes to circumstances weighing our hearts down, it’s hard to pick up and cast, often leaving individuals hopeless.

Hopeless or Hopeful?

With Christ, we are never hopeless. When circumstances look hopeless, Jesus Christ is our only hope- all we need. When our two boys were in a severe four-wheeler crash, we could have felt hopeless. Instead, two years prior we made a conscious decision to get to know Jesus. David studying Kenneth Copeland’s teaching tapes against fear and I was in BSF studying Genesis. This combined with an army of prayer warriors, generated hope beyond any doubt, leaving the hospital with both boys in time for Thanksgiving. Impeccable timing- granted a miracle right at Thanksgiving, with hearts overflowing with gratitude towards Jesus. We knew only possible through God’s amazing love and power to heal.


It’s a choice made to believe in Jesus Christ or not. If we believe, then study God’s Word, equipping ourselves with God’s Power to overcome any hopeless circumstance that might come our way. God’s promise to sustain us rang true again the other night for me. We were traveling home after spending a few days in NC. Nashville was our target destination for stopping, yet, three out of four of us just wanted to be home. It was late and I was driving, which meant…I believed with only three hours away, we could reach home. My body was screaming sleep, my mind was demanding clarity. Stopping the battle, I began praying in God’s Spirit. I knew it was only by God sustaining me, I successfully drove home never batting an eye.


When facing circumstances that require more strength than we have to give…trust God to sustain you. He will never permit the righteous to be moved. This is a powerful truth. When God promises, He will never break His Word. God’s Word is truth. It can be life/death or pushing our limits, when we need extra strength to get through, we can trust God. Cast burdens to the Lord, He will sustain us. Proven, tested, and true…Vicki Hurly approved!

Be encouraged!

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