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Stars…Count Them, Oh! Too Numerous

stars counted- many or few?You who were as numerous as the stars in the sky will be left but few in number, because you did not obey the Lord your God. (Deuteronomy 28:62 NIV)


Forward Friday! Today’s verse is profound. We wish upon stars, we define stars by their success, yet, have we ever considered ourselves as one of the stars God directed Abraham to come out of his tent and see. Genesis 15, Abraham was to count the stars if he could, yet not possible. The stars represented Abraham’s offspring. He is known as the Father of many nations. Remember this song…Father Abraham has many sons, many sons had Father Abraham…


Fast forward to Deuteronomy chapter 28- blessings for obeying God and curses for disobedience. The blessings enforce God’s wishes for an abundant life on earth as curses reveal the opposite. An image of a sky full of stars diminishing to a few…very disheartening. The only thing standing between a person’s belief and Truth in God’s Word is human nature. Human nature feeds flesh- every time. The whole meaning of dying to self, coming alive in Christ- refocuses desires we seek feeding our souls, brining into alignment our flesh. This is much easier said than done, taking every thought captive contrary to God’s Word changes the desires of our hearts.


The underlying pull, luring Christians away from truth- like the serpent tricked Eve. The devil’s tactics are not new, never creative, this thought hitting me hard. Why then do we fall into his schemes far too many times? Talking ourselves into one more brownie, one more glass of wine, one more puff of cigarette, one more shot in the arm, one more prescription pill…the list is never ending, will always be the devil’s taunts. Until we draw a line in the sand and tell ourselves, “No more!” No one can ever help us out of situations, unless we want out ourself. And…why this matters- self destruction is exactly the devil’s wishes to steal, kill, and destroy…removing one star at a time.

Moving Forward!

As we move forward, let’s ponder how we can help replace stars back into the sky, helping others understand the importance of obeying God- through studying the Bible. Understanding Biblical Truth is key to avoid being deceived. Then this is not proof enough- individuals full of God’s Word choose to walk away, engulfed in sin and not wanting any different. Yet, I am a firm believer, The Holy Spirit will work hard to tap into our hearts to turn us from sin- with Truth. Let”s never grow weary from staying true to God’s Word. We not only want a place in the sky- let’s shine the brightest!

Be encouraged!


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