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Man’s Plan Vs. God’s Immeasurable Greatness

Man's Plan Vs. God's Immeasurable GreatnessThe heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps. (Proverbs 16:9 ESV)

Motivating Monday!

April 2, 2018- I have been married for 24 years. Over the weekend, the melody of Because He lives…all fear is gone, has permeated my thoughts. Jesus did rise again, seated at the right hand of God, interceding for mankind, including you and me. Have you ever felt desolate? Seeing no hope in a situation? Planning our own ways, man’s plans, without seeking God’s Will, allows for detours and never finding our way.

Man’s Plans

Surrendering self-ideologies, or man’s ways may cause resistance or even rebellion to what we know without any doubts to be God’s established steps for our life. Life throws curve balls and even times we strike out- where did that pitch come from? We get hit, and falter from known path. These hits can be broken relationships, co-dependacny, death in families, poor habits, transportation problems, job loss, addictions….the enemy seems to have endless ides how to steal, kill, and destroy. Even if we ‘think’ our foundation is solid, we can be knocked off without much effort to stay in the game. Man’s ways vs. God’s Will battling to win.


I completely understand. My mother passed away during my first college semester. Decisions made during the next few years were not in agreement with God’s plan. It was like an invisible wall surfaced between me and The Holy Spirit. The more time spent away from church, more time is filled with the world. Thinking back to this…I’m really stunned how easy it was for satan to deceive me. Good news though! God is not going to let us stay lost for long. He will return us home, and help us refocus.


When finally surrendered my all to Jesus…aligning with God’s plan at all cost, I did not lose a thing. I gained the most amazing husband, and later given three wonderful children to raise for The Lord. God’s ways are immeasurable greater than our greatest attempt. We were married on Easter weekend 1994. Little did I know what all God had in store.


Life’s a journey, friend. Hope all lessons I’ve learned and lived to tell about will keep the devil from deceiving those willing to accept my help. Really, doesn’t feeling despair equate with questions of the unknown? It’s easy to think man’s ways is the way to go. However, studying God’s Word, The Bible…we’re strengthened Word by Word, chapter by chapter, book by book. God’s inspired Word is active in all areas meant to develop a stronger foundation within each of us. What God does for one, He’ll do for another! He’ll do for you! God will establish our steps. He is faithful! Let’s be motivated! Hope restored…Hallelujah! Christ Arose!

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