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Rebuild- Watch Out Schemers, God’s Purpose Prevails

Rebuild- Watch Out Schemers, God's Purpose PrevailsI sent to him, saying, “No such things as you say have been done, for you are inventing them out of your own mind.” For they all wanted to frighten us…(Nehemiah 6:8, 9a ESV)


Fear tactics have been around since beginning of time, remembering the serpent, Adam, and Eve. Reason being, satan was once Lucifer, a high ranking arch angel along with Michael and Gabriel. Friends and associates like Michael and Gabriel are ones to connect with. They look out for our good, encouraging us in God’s purpose. My guess, Lucifer never discussed his plans with these two- like Judas never discussed his plans with any of the other disciples- evil workings lead to sin, separates from God’s Spirit.

Societal Confusion

There are people who identify as Christian posting opposition to individuals standing strong on God’s Word. Now here is the problem- this is what stems societal confusion; one accepts their sin, they accept other people’s sin. This makes all consciousnesses feel better. Yet, this is not how God works. Nehemiah had God’s purpose front and center- to go into Jerusalem, rebuild the wall and reinstate gate doors. Nehemiah spent days mourning for the Israelite’s sin and his own, fasting, and praying to God, before he presented his request to the King. He gained favor and opposition almost simultaneously. Sanballat the Horonite and Tobiah the Ammonite became disturbed and began scheming.


Many see a rebuild happening in America, making America great again. God’s Word is welcomed in the White House, job opportunities have increased, stock market increase, work ethics, and the American Dream. Of course, the American Dream takes hard work and determination to acquire skill levels to make one successful. Has fear crept in to detour many from accomplishing task at hand? God promises those found faithful in little, He will trust with much. When taking small steps, we have no idea the mountain before us. The trip up is full of schemers trying to discount and discredit who we are in Christ. Schemers scheme as haters will hate. These individuals are who we pray for- God says to pray for our enemies- even bless them. Sometimes, we can be surprised who turns out to be an enemy.

Be Prepared

Key is to mourn over Sin in America and sin in our own lives, pray and fast like Nehemiah. Be prepared to carefully hear God’s directions and become obedient. Not only a rebuild in our country, a rebuild in our daily lives. These fires, hurricanes, and flooding are no joke. It’s like God is displaying love and wrath at same time. God proving His character through Houston and wrath with raging fires in areas of our country that many have mocked God. Irma “the beast”…very interesting…

Claim Promises

Time to have scripture ready, reciting God’s promises- He is our shelter and refuge in time of trouble, He promises to never leave nor forsake His children, God did not give a spirit of fear, He gave us a Spirit of power, love, and a sound mind, we make our request known to Him, searching our hearts- purifying. So many more- please add to this list and encourage others. God will protect His Children, in all areas- listen carefully to His directions. Lot was saved, his wife was not.

Be encouraged!

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