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Hesitancy: A Real Game killer and Life’s Distraction

Hesitancy: A Real Game killer and Life's DistractionThe times of ignorance God overlooked, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent. (Acts 17:30 ESV)

Happy Labor Day!

Motivating Monday! Biggest lesson I saw watching A&M/UCLA’s football game last night…hesitancy will lose a game. I was not raised around football, it was all basketball in Kentucky. My high school did not have football and our children’s high school does not have football, even though football is big in our public schools. Last year was my very first watched football game between A&M and UT. My point- hesitancy can be a killer for many things in our lives.


We are key players- if we are married we tag-team with our spouses. Choices made daily affect the very next moment. Watching the Alabama game- I liked their coach’s comment at game’s end. He said, “This lets us know where we are and where we need to go?” Do we ever stop and assess what is working in our lives and what is not? Clearly QB’s cannot have hesitancy- or they will be knocked down and plays are stopped. There are decisions we need to make in life, before we’re knocked down. This can be extra weight for me. It can be staying in comfort zones, when God desires to move us forward. Yes, it could be unknown territory, yet the reward is great when reached. So, why can I not grasp this fact? Hesitancy…


When we hesitate, we give the devil time to drive a deeper wedge between what we are suppose to do and what we are actually doing. Could be as simple as basic health and physical exercise in our lives. Taking simple steps to get back on track is key to overcoming and not succumbing to hesitancy. Be careful though, I’m not dispelling time we need to take and pray through situations. There is a difference. I’m meaning- excuses suddenly made, taking us off the hook to accomplish what is setting in our minds and hearts to accomplish, God’s purpose. Could be- signing up for local missions, volunteering in the children’s department, taking local fitness class, taking a meal to someone in need- heading to Houston on a mission team. The opportunities to serve The Lord are endless. What has The Holy Spirit been prompting?


It sure is aggravating when our team loses- especially after a 30+ point lead after first half. It would be most devastating to miss God- given opportunities by hesitating…even to the point of death and missing Heaven. God is commanding all people everywhere to repent. Let’s be motivated to turn from sin and turn towards a loving Father, who desires more for us than we can imagine- if we’ll only repent and avoid hesitating.

Be encouraged!

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