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Tender Hearts revealed through Children

Tender hearts revealed through children.Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. (Psalm 51:10)

My day to volunteer

I agreed to help in the children’s department during our Bible study this past Wednesday.  I am grateful for all the years my children were part of BSF Bible study program.  It is phenomenal what they learn.  They learn what we learn on their level.  The leaders are anointed.  I cannot easily locate this anointing in me. The morning came and I had such a resistance to go. It is not I dislike children, I really love studying the word of God.   I was reminded how children are the heartbeat of God.  The Holy Spirit was working over time it seemed. This was a time, you know you are suppose to do something yet you really do not want to do.  It was not long before I began realizing God’s purpose.

Tender hearts revealed

These 1 year olds were so precious.  When it became snack time as they sat and ate their snacks, God revealed something to me.  A moment when a flash of the spirit swoops your heart.  I could barley talk with the other leaders.  They probably thought I was losing my marbles forming tears during their little snack time.  God revealed to me their tender hearts.  Their little bodies and their tiny little tender hearts.  How precious to consider how this tender heart is seen by God.

Condition of our own hearts

This made me think about our own hearts. God, this is how tender you desire our hearts to be.  The innocence mixed with inquiring minds besets their surroundings.  They have not experienced the stress of this world.  We have. Sometimes our hearts are not so pretty.  It is vital to remove any hardness from our hearts.  Many times this is only possible through you, Jesus.  Pray for Jesus to create a pure heart within.  When we have a pure heart, we have a tender heart.  Then we will be moved to take action. To see more people saved to be removed from satan’s snare.  We will care what happens to our neighbors.  We will care what is happening in our community, our Nation and our World.   We must have a steadfast spirit within us constantly working to keep us in alignment with a tender heart fulfilling our God-given purpose.

Be encouraged!  This is Friday! Sunday is close!


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