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Leaders-Teachers Set With High Expectations

Leaders Set With High ExpectationsLater Jesus appeared to the eleven as they were eating; he rebuked them for their lack of faith and their stubborn refusal to believe those who had seen him after he had risen. (Mark 16: 14 NIV)

Rebuke (not a bad word)

Monday’s blog must have impacted drivers in my area. Yesterday, every time I came upon a red light, right lanes moved faster. I was amazed, maybe just a coincidence. Let’s pray same situation occurs in our churches. However, many times we find truth hard to believe. Jesus rebuked his own disciples. These men were leaders in training, not new members of the group. Jesus gave two reasons for their non-belief:

  1. lack of faith
  2. stubborn hearts.


Mary Magdalene spoke truth. Jesus was alive. He had been seen with her own eyes. It’s interesting Jesus showed himself first to Mary Magdalene. She experienced Jesus’s powerful deliverance. Seven demons were driven out of her. She had faith to believe. Often those who touch the throne room of God, walk away full of faith and excited. Only to be confronted by stubborn hearts refusing to believe. Just like with Mary Magdalene and the disciples. The disciples were leaders in training, about to take the lead. No wonder Jesus rebuked them. Wonder how popular this would be with church leaders today? My guess, not very good.


Jesus sets high expectations for His leaders. The Bible instructs in James 3:1 teachers and leaders will be judged more strictly. Even parents of John the Baptist were instructed with strict guidelines to follow. Jesus is the ultimate leader, who leads by serving. What would have happened if Jesus let the disciples get by with their unbelief? Days following would have been different. In order to keep progressing in our spiritual journey, heeding rebukes-making corrections, lead us closer to Christian maturity. Even as we gain maturity, we keep progressing closer to God’s holiness. We’ll never be perfect, yet let’s be people who strive to be more like Christ. We do this by having faith and softening our hearts to understand.

Be encouraged!

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