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Rules for Righteous Living Are Good-Not Bad

Rules for Righteous Living Are Good- Not BadWho is wise? He will realize these things. Who is discerning? He will understand them. The ways of the Lord are right; the righteous walk in them, but the rebellious stumble in them.  (Hosea 14: 9 NIV)


God loves mankind. His love for people is likened to Hosea’s tragic love story. Hosea loved his wife. She committed adultery, more like prostitution. More she went out on him, more Hosea loved her. The same way mankind’s natural pull is away from God’s love toward sins in the world. It looks natural, however, it’s a well devised enemy plan to distract us from God’s love. One key deception is thinking God’s rules are bad.


What is wrong with rules? Poker players follow rules. Drinking games have rules, I have a haunch are followed without complaints. Rules are followed in everyday life. It seems following rules for righteous living are wrong, yet rules in this world are ok? I’ve heard many Christians complain about the ‘rules’.  I sense they have been complained about so many times, churches made the decision not to focus on rules for righteous living. Therefore, if pastors are not discussing rules for righteous living and Bibles are not being read…then how are individuals to know there is such a thing?


Rules are not bad. Rules act as guidelines for instruction. They are natural boundaries offered to keep us from entering dangerous territory. The Bible defines sin. Sin is dangerous, it leads to death. Those who accept God’s rules, follow and walk in righteousness. Those who are rebellious, stumble. The age old discussion, can one stumble right on out of their salvation? My question…why would anyone take the chance walking away from Christ, walking away from church? Then in today’s times, we cannot trust all churches to preach God’s infallible Word. We need wisdom and discernment.

Motivating Monday!

It Motiving Monday! Lord help us. Help us not to despise rules you have set for us leading to righteous living. For each person reading this, draw them closer to you. Give them a fresh anointing of your wisdom and discernment. Soften hearts to understand, for the Lord’s ways are right. In Jesus’s name I ask of these request. We either walk in God’s blessings or stumble, the choice is ours.

Be encouraged!

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