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Hearts Concentrated With Spring of Living Water

Hearts Concentrated With Spring of Living Water“My people have committed two sins: They have forsaken me, the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water.” (Jeremiah 2:13 NIV)


History stands to repeat itself. Israelites left slavery long ago, hearts set on Promise land. Joshua led Israelites on the grand march to secure Jericho. Conflict came and divided unified nation of Israel into independent North and South nations. All years prior to this point when God commissioned Jeremiah with warnings for Judah. Jeremiah warned their 1/2 hearted religion would not help them.


God defines in the above verse, His people have committed these two sins. He was forsaken by His chosen people. Forsaken is defined as abandoned or deserted. They walked away. Looks like 1/2 hearted commitments were unacceptable. Picture with me filling a can with water only to have a hole in the bottom. No amount of water poured into this can, will fill its emptiness. Much like human hearts. Until we stop endless effort in filling our hearts with ‘everything else’, we’ll continue to be like broken cisterns unable to hold water.

Spring of Living Water

Consider…the spring of living water, a constant source never to run dry. Giving our hearts to Jesus, He will mend any brokenness. During this process, the spring of living water floods our hearts and minds. Floods happen when land is saturated to the point of not being able to hold anymore water. Our hearts begin to overflow…the most amazing feeling. Unsurmountable peace takes over. All ‘junk’ in our hearts and minds flow out as peace overtakes. A beautiful experience when we surrender our hearts to the Lord.

Hearts for Christ

Forward Friday! Lot’s happening in our nation. Prayer is needed for God’s people. May our hearts never forsake the Lord. May what appears to be socially acceptable be seen for what it is. Does it weaken our hearts for God and His Word? We can be certain, 1/2 hearted religion will not help us either. Let’s move forward with a fresh awareness of the spring of living water. May peace fall over you right now. It’s possible!

Be encouraged!

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