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Cravings- Moving Forward With Biblical Truth

Cravings- Moving Forward With Biblical TruthThe world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever. (1 John 1:17 NIV)


What defines the world? When scripture states not to love the world, what are we not to love?

  • The cravings of a sinful man.
  • The lust in eyes.
  • Boasting of what we have and do not have.

These items define the world. Everything in the world is drawn to self indulgence. Cravings to gratify self. As the enemy prowls looking for weakness, he thrives seeing individuals caught in sin. It’s like spinning his web, pulling victims closer to entice further. Sin, demons, horoscopes, mediums, fortune tellers- stay away. These are not innocent entertainment. They’re piles of cement waiting for you to step forward.


A few short years of open rebellion, our society faces today’s conflicts. With Biblical truth diluted, deception sprang forth. Catching individuals off guard, pulling them toward world cravings away from Truth. Causing slumbering in many, numbness in others, and a multitude of indifference. No- Biblical Truth is not hate. After equipping ourselves with the full armor of God, we stand. Standing strong- speaking Truth in love, is God’s will for such a time as this.


For everything we desire on earth, will have no importance the moment we take our last breath. This world and all we have ever desired will pass away. Take time to build a strong foundation in Christ. Develop new habits to produce spiritual nutrients to feed our souls. Healthier we become- spiritually, stronger we stand. Take captive contrary thoughts before they become cravings. Controlled thoughts, keep us steady on God’s path. Forward Friday! Let’s move forward making the best out of every opportunity to glorify Jesus. It’s truly not about us.

Be encouraged!

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