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Direction Voiced Guides Our Steps/Walking In It

DirectionWhether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” (Isaiah 30:21 NIV)


Thoughts today lean towards change of seasons. Ecclesiastes 3 there is a time for everything and in time everything will be made beautiful. Here is where I always want this blog to be different. As true as Ecclesiastes shares about seasons, we need a fresh look into how we succeed in order to see the beauty God has intended. Direction we take in life determines our ability to walk in God-given dreams.


Changes in our lives-either forced or chosen, we question about making right decisions. As disciples of Christ, wherever we are in our spiritual journey, we learn to hear God’s voice. This is not freakish- I am not leading anyone wrong. If a television or radio is turned down low- we strain our ears to hear if it’s something important. When in prayer- asking God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit for direction, we want their response. Why would we ask- if we did not intend to hear their answer?

Steps taken

Our lives are built on this process. From major decisions to daily steps, we want to know right steps are taken. It’s during these steps where dreams do come true. Divine appointments await- those that minister to us and those we minister to. We have people on both sides of us always. Only in tune with the Holy Spirit, can we know how to minister when approached. From one angle, I’m very particular who I allow to speak over or into my life. Then I can be snapped quickly into shape by someone from varying angles. However, I want everyone to caution in this area. Keeping steadfast in prayer helps us discern. Sad, yet true, not everyone- even some you might think would- will cheer for you. Me? I want to cheer for everyone. Honestly, why some cannot- baffles me.


God will always work things out for our good as we trust Him. Hearing God’s voice may be a quiet whisper or for others a roaring sensation. When peace floods our inner soul, we know the ordained direction. It may not make sense to us, we trust God with anticipation on what will come. Even turning the wrong direction, scripture states if we turn left or right- we will hear God’s voice. Therefore, if we turn wrong- correction being voiced is for our good. In order to walk in God’s abundance, we must heed His direction. How exciting! To know God tells us the way and to walk in it. Powerful!

Be encouraged!

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