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Scripture: God’s Guidebook for Abundant Life

Scripture: Guidebook for Abundant LifeAll scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. (2 Timothy 3:16 NIV)


Three days ago my family stood at an airport check-in counter. The attendant pondered our itinerary, I actually asked, “Does it look like we need reschedule for tomorrow?” The Holy Spirit urged direction as scripture was activated. Listening and actually following God’s direction works together for our good. Many times we fail to follow. The attendant informed we might need to change schedules. The voice behind me was ambushed with need to make this flight work. Our high school student did not want to miss first day of swim team practice.


Knowledge received from scripture is God’s guidebook to life. We often joke our need for guidebooks. When scripture is available to us all along. Here in America, we’ve taken scripture for granted. Now opposition is pressing churches freedom to preach spiritual truth. While many slumber, deception is rising at alarming rates. Experienced, traditional thinkers are losing jobs, as various companies in the corporate world promote their own agenda. Individuals pulling away from established churches, or those who stay to weaken truth inside established churches impact growing deception.


We failed to heed God’s first warning. With sun shining, never did we think our already delayed plane would not make its timed landing allowing us to change planes on a tight schedule. Out of the blue, a storm cell set up over the airport and delayed our plane further. After some time, an announcement allowed STL passengers option to exit plane. It meant either stay in Orlando or spend the night in Atlanta. We decided to exit and stay in Orlando- heeding God’s first warning. However, this time, not with our luggage. As we walked away, our plane announced its departure. It was like as soon as we exited the plane, the plane was able to leave. It was not meant for us to be on that plane.

Good news!

Good news- we were kept safe from unknown reasons. Bad news, we squandered our extra day. All time wasted, could have been enjoyed at a water park. Isn’t this how most situations go in life. We miss God’s first warning to lose benefits longer we take aligning with God’s plans. All benefits learned from scripture keep us from squandering our time. Hearing and actually following God’s directions lead to abundant lives here on earth. Are you ready to stop wasting time- to live abundant lives? Let’s start heeding God’s direction first time.

Be encouraged!

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