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Powerful and Effective Prayer- God’s Righteousness

Powerful and Effective Prayer- God's RighteousnessTherefore, confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. (James 5:16 NIV)


Love is in the air, paths are nice and clear. What was that? Curve ball stopped me immediately. Fire consumes inside enough to send to the moon and back before we can blink and calm ourselves. Once focus is gained, we think carefully how scripture is applied to situation.


Becoming a righteous individual first begins with accepting Jesus as our Savior. It’s a personal decision we make, cognitive aware with change felt within. Steps forward living for Jesus places us on paths exchanging unrighteousness, including self-righteousness, for God’s righteousness. Holy Spirit helps discern and remove sin from our lives. This is a process unlike riding an escalator. Unless, we play going up and down, up and down.


The only way to expedite the process, is to build Word knowledge and align choices in agreement with God’s Word. Scripture says hearts are most deceptive. We have to be careful what’s allowed into our hearts. Guard them carefully. Distractions are satan’s tool to interrupt God’s best plans for our lives.

A Gift

God loves each and every individual. He wants everyone to grow into His righteousness. It’s a gift- free! When we do, our prayers are powerful and effective. By confessing our sins, praying for each other brings healing. When God sees a heart committed to Him, He is the potter and we’re the clay. Let God mold us, purposed for plans He’s known before our birth.


God develops amazing talent in yielding hearts. In California, one faithful reader began co-teaching a Bible study on prayer. Friends close work in marriage ministry. Faithful readers in Florida with their encouragement and others with talented voices singing for the Lord. Our Sister in Kenya- teaching brothers and sisters in Christ to read, to help them read their Bibles. Children being taken care of in orphanages. Our sister in Texas, with like minded concerns. Friends, this only touches the surface what God is doing around the world.

Powerful and Effective

Ready for powerful and effective prayers? Confess sin and pray for one another for healing. It’s all possible with a yielding heart. Are you willing?

Be encouraged!

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