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Vision: Faith To Believe Beyond Circumstances

Vision: Faith To Believe Beyond CircumstancesHe took him outside and said, “Look up at the heavens and count the stars- if indeed you can count them.” Then he said to him, “So shall your offspring be.” (Genesis 15:5 NIV)


Motivating Monday! Celebrating 21 years of marriage recently, continues to give me reason to shout- Amazing! Last night, I witnessed a vision through one little lady, grow beyond belief. Evidence of my mother-in-law stepping out in faith, aligning with God’s vision, taking initial steps developing Hurley & Associates to present stage. It’s amazing to be around 23 years, watching God’s vision unfold.


Makes me think how Abraham must have felt led out of his tent looking at the stars. In the natural, his circumstances did not compare. However, because Abraham believed, it was credited to him as righteousness. His vision came true. Circumstances are not to hold us back, yet, take us forward. We build taking one step forward at a time. First step is faith to believe God’s vision placed on your heart. God promises to equip for our calling. He is faithful. Long ago when I was nursery chair person, God began developing my writing via emails to committee members. Who would have thought? More I wrote, more I sensed God was developing something within me.


What’s happening with you? If I could sit down with each and every one of you, my passion would be the same. Following Jesus Christ, surrendering to His perfect will, leaves us amazed. Trust me, I could have never seen this 23 years ago. My eyes stayed on circumstances instead of looking at stars. My circumstances were pretty special to move me forward, not endless pity parties holding me back. Clearing hearts and minds, learning to break free from distractions, refreshes our awareness to God’s vision. Where Hurley & Associates is my husband’s vision to carry on, writing is mine- with each of you on my heart. I will be praying for God’s vision to become known and pursued.

Be encouraged!

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