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Time…Where does it Go? What to do?

Time...Where does it Go? What to do?But I do not account my life of any value nor as precious to myself, if only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God. (Acts 20:24 ESV)


Motivating Monday! Many mommas need motivation right now…I’ve seen several kiddos leave for first semester in college. This week begins official Senior year of high school for my oldest. Gracious, it’s no lie- time goes by in a flash.


Interesting sermon we heard yesterday- it was on time. The question even asked, I’ve pondered myself…even prayed for forgiveness. Have I squandered time? Yes, I’ve been so guilty. I can be a very productive individual, when everything stems from comfort. We all have areas we thrive, yet, when God calls us out of comfort zones…then what do we do?


I think about one of my Bible Study Fellowship sister’s dream long ago. She began directing VBS at her church. This became a favorite in our community. She moved and I believe her gift has continued. This happened due to her rising above discomfort, stepping forward into God’s plans.


Me? Write? Really God? No, not me- even my Bible group leader was taken by surprise. Isn’t God amazing! In time, He trains us in ways we never imagine. Circumstances not matching God-given dream felt in our hearts. Then through detours, trials, character tests…every circumstance is redeemed, refurbished for God’s greater good for mankind.

Nurture and Train

Just like our Heavenly Father, we nurture and train our own children. When my oldest was little, he carried around a book of USA Presidents. Today, he cannot get enough of studying the candidates and evaluating their stand. Time will tell angle he takes in future. For right now, he’s excited to vote for first time.


Where has your interest peaked? What thought permeates bringing a smile and ability to visualize it actually happening? Then you think, ‘Oh, I only wish I could.’ I have another friend who I encourage often, I cannot wait to see her purse line in stores. I have no doubt this is a tangible dream.


Anything from God is meant to be, the thought will continue to grow. Pray and fast, seeking more of Jesus- desiring a deeper walk with Thee. Keeping eyes on Jesus, keeps distractions away. Can you do this? With Jesus- All things are possible to those who believe. Give glory to God, He is deserving.

Be encouraged!

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