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Believe: Faith Turns Impossible to Possible

Believe: Faith Turns Impossible to PossibleAnd without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exist and that he rewards those who seek him. (Hebrews 11:6 ESV)


Certainly, if you do not believe God exist- no Biblical Truth to reason, considering His promises. On the other hand, individuals can believe God exists, omitting faith to believe His Word. Churches are filled with compromising individuals, just spend a little time on Facebook and twitter. Sadly, they influence others. Who’s willing to stand for Biblical Truth? Do we believe God rewards those who seek him?


We live in a world where drive-thrus and microwaves have coerced our minds to think entitlement. We’re entitled to by pass working hard to achieve. We entitled to by pass laws, thinking we do not have to follow. We’re entitled to by pass reading/studying our Bibles and think God’s promises remain applicable. If they don’t- then God’s Word is not true.


What this produces are individuals reaching authority levels in church and government, infused with false sense of Biblical Truth. Federal judges overruling state’s majority vote. Top officials dismissing the American Constitution. A growing number of Pastors and church leaders justifying sin as acceptable, blurring Biblical Truth. Bottom line- satan sits and smiles, goal accomplished.


Indifference is a dirty word. What can we say? We follow Paul’s example. The Jew’s made false accusations against Paul. He defended himself to King Agrippa, telling the truth. What has Jesus meant to you? What has God done for you? How has The Holy Spirit led you? More attacks are being made daily against God’s people. A house divided against itself will not stand. Bible believing churches have to stand strong- never to doubt. Believers stand strong when truth is being weakened.


God promises…those who earnestly seek Him will be rewarded. If we believe, we’ve activated faith to believe. We nourish faith as we grow in Word knowledge and Truth. Every action is accounted. These actions add up- our heavenly accounts become full or depleted. When we need to draw from this account- Will there be anything available?

Forward Friday!

Moving forward…evaluating heavenly accounts and deciding if we faced a tragic situation- would we have a nest to pull from- this nest implemented by faith, building greater faith by drawing near to God as we seek Him.

Be encouraged!


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