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Purposeful Vs. Frivolous: Discerning Truth

Purposeful Vs. Frivolous: Discerning TruthSince, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. (Colossians 3:1,2 NIV)


How much laughter hides silent cries? When David and I planned our wedding, we really had no idea the impact each detail made towards our God given purpose. The words to this song, People Need the Lord, were sung and still touches my heart today. How do we help hurting individuals? Many of our trials come from disappointment. When a simple solution might be: seek purposeful paths vs. frivolous.


It may not always be what we seek, yet, purposeful assignments we’re willing to accept. Frivolous situations only gratify self, losing sparks fast. Yet, satan takes this opportunity to dig deeper stirring emotions to further thrill seeking. Leaving individuals empty with false fulfillment.


What are we seeking? Do we find fulfillment in purposeful situations or aggravation in failed expectations? God sets us apart. I could not be more grateful. However, this truth is not easily understood in early days of discipleship. Changing rationale in our minds and hearts over to God’s Truth takes adjustment. Just like adjusting our vision and what we see happening in this world.


A testimony shared during yesterday’s sermon is one of the most profound examples of satan’s grip on an individual. For this person, mild temptations took place and 48 years later the unthinkable exposed and now in prison. There is a battle for every soul. Dear friends, I never want satan to have victory over anyone. Bringing awareness to deception through this blog, releasing Biblical Truth building maturity will decrease societal confusion and keep satan at bay.


It’s Motivating Monday! Let’s be motivated to discern between purposeful and frivolous situations. As we become faithful in little, God trusts us with more. It’s always easier seeing this in others than for ourselves. And…just know- frivolous will always be louder more noticeable. However, purposeful will be deeper more meaningful to God. Building a relationship with Jesus, experiencing purposeful assignments and earning trust for greater purposes.

Be encouraged!

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