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Holy: A Word Muted In Today’s Society

Holy: A Word Muted In Today's SocietySince everything will be destroyed in this way, what kind of people ought you be? You ought to live holy and godly lives. (2 Peter 3:11 NIV)

Great News!

Motivating Monday! There is great news in life’s trials around the world. Those who have studied Revelation understand, a day of rejoicing will eventually arrive. Justice will be seen and we’ll trust God’s plan is perfect. God has promised, His Word will be offered to every individual before final day of judgement. Ultimately, He desires for each one to live holy and godly lives.


Why not a perfect picture? The word…holy, has been hidden away with old choir robes. As much as I love contemporary Christian music, I cherish older hymns. Which ever music we’re drawn, allow God’s message to penetrate our hearts, being drawn closer to Him. We don’t wake up one day and say, “Hey! I am going to live holy.” We can never do this on our own strength. It’s like daring ourself to step into an unknown territory, holding a flash light for tunnel vision, trusting God’s hand to guide. He will only guide us to the absolute best path. Best in our natural minds? No. Best in His purpose for our lives- Yes. In the midst of surrendering our will, aligning with God’s, eyes open to realize our definition of best is limited. God’s definition is beyond our imagination.

Why Gamble?

Would we ever make a bet, knowing it was 100% guaranteed to be a loser? Why do individuals gamble every day, deciding to chance one more day without Christ. While studying Revelation, gaining better understanding of last days, we have nothing to fear. Align with God- He wins! Salvation is not an end, it’s a new beginning. Joy of the Lord trumps fun of the world. Developing a holy lifestyle, God breaks away distractions and turns our eyes upon Him. Turning our eyes on Jesus, stirs desire within to live holy.


It’s a win-win! God wins, we win- all while seeking to be holy and living godly lives. The alternative is a guaranteed losing bet. Let’s be motivated to seek God with our whole heart, and be obedient to His direction. Dear friend, hold on to the reins- we’re in a for a ride of a lifetime.

Be encouraged!


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