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Military: A Day to Remember

Military: A Day to RememberSo if the Son sets you free,  you will be free indeed. (John 8:36 ESV)

Memorial Day

Motivating Monday! Memorial Day. Taking today and everyday to remember all sacrifices made for our freedom. Extreme importance why we cannot be slumbering and deceived. Fierce anger raging desiring false freedom. Having rights that go against Biblical truth is not freedom, it’s bondage in the end. Just the devil has blinded many to understand.


Even as I write this, I’m thinking quite strong for Monday. However, men and women sacrificing their lives, is no light topic for Jesus. He knows exactly what it means to sacrifice self for sake of freedom. Where our military is set to protect America. Jesus came and died for eternal freedom. Jesus paid it all- covering cost of all our sin. Is there a cost to sin? You bet- wages of sin is death, eternity in hell.


Accepting Jesus as Savior, offers this free gift. All we have to do is receive. Once we do with a pure heart, scales of old fall away, new comes forth. As Americans, we are grateful for all serving and sacrificing time with family and some the ultimate cost- life. With time still on our side, accepting Jesus today allows renewed hope for eternity. And…He’ll send a helper, The Holy Spirit, Sprit of Truth. With the Holy Spirit’s help, hearts can soften to understand.


With hearts opened to understand, eyes seeing clearly, ears hearing- we’ve watched freedom slipping. Not only in America, areas needing America’s support. When satan opposed God wanting His power, He became an enemy. When individuals turn into an enemy, they no longer have your back. Actually, total opposite, wishing to bring harm. More harm has happened in our society, than good.


As flags fly in all their glory, may we pray for all current military and the final days of their Commander in Chief. May we pray any corruption out of future elections. As the new Commander in Chief is elected- may they be one pleasing to the Lord, bringing all glory to His name. If your candidate does not align, please consider praying. If we are willing, God will direct.

Thank you!

It’s definitely a day to celebrate- without our military, we could never have become a great nation. May God redeem all that’s been lost. As young men and women enlist today, may there be a Commander in Chief that is trustworthy to handle the lives of each soldier. Thank you. Thank you to each and every one. We are grateful.

Be encouraged!

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