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Failed Policies: Finding Real Hope

Failed Policies: Finding Real Hope“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this, all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (John 13: 34,35 NIV)

Woot! It’s Monday!

Motivating Monday! I have never been more motivated to shake individuals, attempting to awaken sense within. This does not sound too loving, however, it is with my greatest love that I want individuals aware scripture prophecies are being fulfilled. Deception is expanding with false teachers and false prophets leading many astray.

Test Spirits

Scripture states to test spirits. If you ever disagree with something I’ve written, let me know. We will go straight to scripture and discuss. When I researched Jeff Hood, Dallas Protest Organizer, we found him to be an ordained, Southern Baptist Preacher. I am shocked to see and hear video of him repeatedly declaring God to damn America. Does this line up with scripture? NO. God is more than capable and willing to bring vengeance in His due time. His disciples are to love one another. Then to have an attorney general to encourage protestors not to be discouraged. What kind of leaders do we have in America? This same kind of attack has taken place in other countries. To command global domination- as what many believe is happening by one presidential candidate, America must become weak. I do not believe any voting citizen wishes for America to be weak. Deception tells to weaken successful individuals is to strengthen America- not the case, false teaching.

Failed Policies

I typed in failed socialism and this article surfaces, “Venezuelan Socialism is So Great That Starving People Are Now Eating From Garbage Cans…” When applying same failed policies- same failed responses will happen. I think we can all agree- we have failed polices needing sincere turn around.

Task Assigned

Government has never been God’s means to care for the poor, widowed, or orphans. He assigned the church this task. Take your hands- here’s the church, here’s the steeple, open up- here’s the people. The welfare system is failing- it has lied making people think they are entitled and making a career out of receiving government funds. The government uses this dependency, perpetuating racial tension to keep eyes at bay- from failed polices and craving more dependency. This is all tied together. People perish for lack of knowledge. If anyone is willing to trust Jesus- look how He loved the lady giving out of her lack, tithe. Trust Jesus. Trust Him with our entire hearts, surrendering all to Him.


The only real hope is through Jesus Christ. His Words are true. Studying scripture- gaining wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, will open our eyes to not only avoid being deceived, yet, walk in victory. Let’s start by loving one another. If we truly are God’s disciples, we will love one another.

Be encouraged!


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