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Free! Open Document- Opens Possibilities

Free! Open Document- Opens PossibilitiesSo if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. (John 8:36 ESV)


Celebrate! It’s 4th of July weekend! Steps leading to July 4, 1776, produced a historic event, giving 13 colonies independence from England. With momentum building, United States of America was birthed. The American Dream began long ago, individuals arriving full of hope.


A question came to me after prayer yesterday, “What happens if a document is delivered to someone and it’s never opened? This person will never know all possibilities held within the document. This document is the Bible. If I never opened my Bible, I would still be full of the world’s way in handling life. Instead, I am free from offenses, free from anger, free from bitterness, free from gossip, free from careless words, free from forms of slavery. There are many forms of slavery that enslaves one into sin. For example, I will be honest how sugar can be this for me. My flesh demands, before I know…I have eaten a cookie.


When Jesus sets us free, we are free indeed. We no longer have to be controlled by the world. The enemy tries his best to pull us backward. We have to be tough to stand our ground. Interesting to me when individuals say they have read my Bible and want nothing of it… Individual ideologies are a very strong component the enemy builds to make one feel superior to God’s Word. When it comes down to it…individuals have a hard time surrendering self- die to self and become a new creation in Christ. With this new, we become more, do more than we could have ever imagined.

Moving Forward!

Let’s move forward, striping self of world attitudes and actions…and replace with new image in Christ. I am very sorry if churches or Christians have let you down. I’ve walked into many churches…if I was a nonbeliever, I may have never walked back in. We have a long way to go to love like Jesus loves. Yet, we cannot remain silent keeping God’s Word, a closed document. In order to speak truth in love, we have to know what God’s Word says…to allow ourselves to be changed into Christ’s image. Is this possible in today’s times? You bet- With God’s help, we become lovable- even when the world hates. Dear friends, we have lots to celebrate this weekend.

Be encouraged!

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