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Believe: God’s Word Defeats Deception

Believe: God's Word Defeats DeceptionYour love, O Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies. Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains, your justice like the great deep. How priceless is your unfailing love! (Psalm 36:5-7a NIV)


Forward Friday! A few items mesmerizes me, capturing my entire being; blinking Christmas lights, mountains, and oceans. When considering the heavens, it’s beyond mesmerizing- moved to my box labeled…just believe. We see lights, mountains, and oceans- a few things we do not see, we simply believe.


God’s unfailing love is priceless. Satan, a former arch-angel, has full knowledge of God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit. He knows God’s Word and knows how to manipulate truth, to twist one into sin making one think there is a loophole. Where God’s Word is involved- there are no loopholes.


The Bible is God’s infallible Word from beginning to end. Can some areas in life be a little ambiguous to have various routes, reaching same destination? Sure- yet, where God commands His Word to be followed, we follow. The Bible is an outline how to defeat satan’s attempt to deceive by stealing, killing, and destroying. Following God’s outline, we live life to the fullest.


When I consider the above scripture, the truth of who God is mesmerizes me. His love reaches the heavens, His faithfulness to the skies, His righteousness like the mighty mountains, His justice like the great deep. Take a moment and picture each, it’s almost overwhelming. God loves the saint as He loves the sinner. Yes, we all have sin, yet, our goal is to have less and less sin. This is possible by studying God’s Word, applying scripture to our daily lives.


Satan is slick- his invisible arms wrap around our shoulders before we can blink- if we are not careful. One area I decided several years ago- remove all offenses from within- cleaning out and making a point not to take any new offenses. What we know between us and God- others will not. Therefore, satan gets in the mix- tries to re-ignite defeated areas, using others as conduits. What is defeated is defeated, let’s never go backwards- keep moving forward. When satan’s involvement is realized- remind him the Truth- we’ve moved beyond old behavior patterns.

Moving Forward!

Who’s ready to move forward? Me! God’s love is unfailing- don’t let satan deceive us. Let’s do a cross check each day- making sure no deception has been believed as truth. All hurt people feel, placing fault on Christ- please understand the real enemy is satan. God is willing to help us move forward. Consider above scripture, simply believe.

Be encouraged!


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