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Humble- Aligning With God’s Purpose

Humble- Aligning With God's PurposeHumble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all you anxiety on him because he cares for you. (1 Peter 5:6,7 NIV)


Peter appealing to elders to be shepherds of God’s flock. To the young, be submissive to older individuals. Not because they must, but to be willing, as God wants you to do. All in humility, willing to serve. This is a picture of God’s perfect provisions for mentoring, strengthening all individuals, keeping heritage and sound doctrine secure.


As I began thinking about humbleness, I am feeling so humble as we pack for our oldest leaving for college. God allowed me to be his mother? Given…definitely our strong-willed child, yet, one who is going to reignite the flame of leadership in this country. Quite the quest just spilled out. Never squash a child’s spirit. Lord knows we made many mistakes, hindsight is 20/20. Thankful for all prayers spoken for him over the years. I knew long ago, during intense speech therapy, God was perfecting his speech, equipping for his calling. Imagine my melting heart as his school principal about to pray at an Eagle Court of Honor, first spoke to our son who had been leading the ceremony, stating what a verbal gifting he had. Humble. To God all the glory.

Humble Pie

Long before reaching a humble heart, we endure lots of humble pie. Humble pie is worst tasting, hard to swallow. The more we resist aligning with God’s purpose…must love our hot messes, I guess, more humble pie we’ll eat. After a while, we’ll wise up and start making steps towards God’s alignment. Then wonder why we took so long to align. God’s purpose is placed within each individual. The more we seek Jesus, more we can be trusted with bite sized pieces of the big picture. It’s trust God, believe with greater faith, gaining Word knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. We’ll never say these three word enough- knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Our world is definitely lacking, especially America.

In Due Time…

Feel anxious with circumstances? Picture casting a fishing pole- cast all your anxieties to God. Humble ourselves in all we do- in due time, God will lift us up. He is faithful.

Be encouraged!

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