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Obtain Prize: Runners Run…How About you?

Obtain Prize: Runners Run...How About you?Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it. (1 Corinthians 9:24 ESV)


Paul makes a valid point in 1 Corinthians- athletes exercise self control for a perishable prize. I love the Olympics. My heart drops for anyone making mistakes at this level. We’ve seen celebration, discouragement, disappointment, and I even see a bit of a bitter heart in one athlete. When tears come with medal winners, I misty eye right with them. The Olympics is special for all involved, seeing countries cheer each one on. The Olympics seem to be our last example of what America is really all about.


All abled bodies have opportunities to run races set before them. There will always be a position filled, might thought to be ours. A spot on a team, should have been ours. Missed recognition, why not ours? It is called life. I recently mentioned- if someone wants to be better at something, then they should work harder to obtain it. How hard do we want to work? Are we ready to train like Olympic athletes? Give up special events to train, keeping their eyes on the prize- the gold medal?


Back to my earlier question- how serious do we want to be…being a Christian? Do we exercise daily self control, keeping eyes on Jesus…prize for eternity? Eternity is everlasting…eternal. Forever…our soul will be in Heaven or Hell. Consider this for a moment…are we lagging behind runners, desiring to give up? If so, I want you to stop, take a breath and refocus. The devil is quick to jump into races holding detour signs. He would love to have you go down misery lane, eager to steal, kill, and destroy. God wants us running races, capturing our purpose, glorifying Him. He offers life everlasting and while we’re here on earth, to live life to the fullest.

Moving Forward!

It’s Forward Friday! With God’s strength overtaking our weakness, we gain power and stamina, running to obtain the prize. God’s Word is full of training directions. Seeking Him-opens new courses to run, higher elevation, greater speed, and less bumps in the road. Only a few Olympians receive the prize. And- some races are so close it’s terribly sad, no medal. However, moving forward with Jesus, we can all win the prize…if we are willing to train, running to win.

Be encouraged!


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