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Approached: Stepping Forth to Believe

Approached: Stepping Forth to BelieveJesus reached out his hand and touched the man, “I am willing,” he said. “Be clean!” Immediately he was cured of his leprosy. (Matthew 8:3 NIV)


As we spend time in prayer and praise for our King, meditations of heart and soul surface. Thoughts surfaced yesterday…interesting how when Jesus’s hand touches us, healing happens immediately. When satan’s hand touches, he grips into sin and bondage. Therefore, how do receive God’s healing touch? Furthermore, how do we make sure satan’s hand does not grip.


This man with leprosy approached Jesus. He stepped out believing Jesus was capable of healing him. If Jesus was able to heal him, he wanted to be healed. Since Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever more…this same healing power is available to you and me. When we faced our two boys’ injuries from a severe four-wheeler accident, one was lifeless and one had a broken femur. David and I had been married over ten years at this point. During these years we developed an understanding for spiritual warfare. David picked up on Kenneth Copeland’s fear series with revelations of truths sealed in his heart and mind. We not only believed God was our healer, we knew satan attempted to kill, steal, and destroy our family. I will be forever grateful, David had no fear demanding the devil to flee scene of accident. With all evil intent removed, God worked amazing through individuals and super-naturally.


People of strong faith do experience weakness. The week prior to this accident, we moved. As I unpacked, David was ready to repack. Strife was red hot and satan found an opportunity to pounce. While praying near the helicopter pad waiting, I never felt closer touching God’s throne. I boldly approached and knew I had to recall every promise and truth I could remember- asking God to touch and heal our three year old at that time. Amazing how fast an army of prayer warriors formed. Grateful. Surreal thinking back, God is faithful.


Truth for today- know we can still approach Jesus and believe He is capable of healing. Jesus is willing- He’ll reach out His hand, touch us with His healing power. I know many needing God’s healing touch, immediately curing cancer, depression, stress, fatigue, and the list goes on. Satan does not win in the end- God is all-powerful and mighty. Ready to believe- be ready to approach.

Be encouraged!

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