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Individuals: Sand or Brick? Don’t Be Deceived.

Individuals: Sand or Brick? Don't Be Deceived.And everyone who hears these words of mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. (Matthew 7:26 ESV)

New Slogan

Motivating Monday! I came up with a new slogan…Make a stand or be washed away in sand. Maybe not so new, Jesus says a wise man builds his house with brick. When the floods came and wind blew and beat on this home, it did not fall by being founded on the rock. Great is the fall of a home built by sand.


Would you consider your life’s foundation built on rock or sand? Are we prepared to stand in preparation for storms ahead? Take this upcoming election for instance, are we spending time in prayer, discerning between good vs. evil? Questions needing answered and fast. When scripture states warnings to make us aware, we need to take God’s Word serious. False teachers will not be wearing a warning sign, they will talk smooth and polished, glossing over harsh facts with sprinkles of truth.


We’re apt to think individuals will never change, yet, God judges the heart. Thankfully, He’s our judge and not people. We’d be crucified over and over, as what happens when individuals fail to see a changed heart. Jesus dealt with accusatory individuals by drawing a line in the sand- asking for those without sin to throw first stone. Stones were left untouched. Interesting concept for today.


When building foundations on the rock, Jesus Christ, we grow in wisdom and knowledge, gaining understanding. Being able to discern truth from lies, good vs. evil, right from wrong…keeps us alert when the devil is looking for someone to devour. Let’s be motivated to dig deep into our Bibles, taking baby steps if needed.

Open Minds

Jesus, open minds to understand your inspired Word of God. Help individuals reading to have a greater sense discerning good vs, evil, truth vs. lies, and right vs. wrong. Not only is our nation at stake, our freedom is being challenged. Making a stand based on Jesus’s Christ, will be a foundation never swept away. May those faltering with God’s Word, become enlightened to understand. All in Jesus’s name. Amen

Be encouraged!

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