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Deceivers…Awareness Brought to Deception

Deceivers...Awareness Brought to Deception

Many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. (2 John, verse 8a)

The Election

Watching post season baseball games- becoming frustrated when it’s not even my team. Why did I start watching Giants vs. Cubs last night? Yes, it matters to their fans and no need for me to be stirred with emotion. Reminds me when my hair stylist stopped me from commenting on a conflict being discussed in the shop- bless him. There are times when we need to keep our mouths closed and stay out of situations. This election is not one of them, although keep step in Christ’s love. We have 27 days left until the next president will be elected. I’m still watching for the current one to come up with reason to stay in.


Some may be waking up from long slumbering. Isn’t this what happens…warnings are ignored and then all of a sudden freedoms are lost and questions surface. Many will be asking, “How did this happen?” Interesting the break down of morals in America began with President Bill Clinton. Now after enduring ups and downs since then, we are faced with his wife. Facts point to corruption. Many individuals doing lesser crimes are serving sentences in prison. Simple facts.


Take a successful business man, willing to step out and lead this country back to better days. Thousands of people around the country are attending his rally’s. Do you even see HRC having rally’s? When she was, very few people were attending. Therefore, where is the media coming up with their polls? Trump is out here connecting with America. I’m choosing to believe Ben Carson has made a big impact on him.  Humility comes when in sync with reality. Trump understands the reality of what will take place if HRC is elected. He understands how to build for success. We cannot take more hits to our economy- social issues have zero impact of basic needs in life met.  However, this administration’s success will be remembered for stirring conflict to distract from reality, while giving American people superficial glitter. Those unwilling to see facts, are deceived. Deceivers are in this world.


Dear friend, I am not here to upset anyone. I am here to bring awareness to deception through releasing Biblical Truth. Deceivers are real. This election will take a direct hit to the church, if we do not take time to pray and seek God’s direction. His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are higher than ours, it is not for us to think it’s impossible for Trump to repent- to change. The politicians are showing their true colors. Every Republican politician against Trump is throwing American people under the bus to save their own selves. They do not want taxes messed with, more worried about their money. If we want to keep our freedom, we have to take this serious.

Be encouraged!

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